We are looking for dedicated organizations and corporate partners with large fleets of phones to get involved with the cause. We take ANY phone – working or not, and don’t need chargers or accessories. Our recycling partner erases all data through a certified and secure process.

• We recycle your phones properly, for free.
• We track the value of the recycled phones for a tax deduction.
• We deliver social impact.

Please contact Katie Kelly with any questions. We handle each account personally.




We wipe devices using a combination of data destruction methods including both manual erasure and erasure using software. All of our data wiping is done in accordance with NIST Special Publication 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization and in accordance with the R2 Standard. We are audited by a 3rd party at least annually to ensure the efficiency of our data erasure techniques and results and have not had a phone yet come back with data on it.