Donate your phone for world health

Donate your phone for world health

Millions of phones are thrown away in the US each year, even more are hiding away in drawers. Give your phone new life and help communities around the world by donating to Hope Phones by Medic Mobile. Hope Phones safely recycles your phone to fund healthcare programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Each phone...

NLS donates 2 boxes of phones in honor of Lab Week

Thank you to Nationwide Laboratory Services for donating 75 phones to Hope Phones. They set up a phone drive during Medical Laboratory Professionals Week. Lab Week honors laboratory professionals and pathologists who play a vital role in every aspect of healthcare. Since these professionals often work behind the scenes, few people know about the critical...

Earth Day Campaign: Resurrect the Cell Phone Graveyard

GOOD Magazine recently featured Hope Phones and our Earth Day campaign with Every Mother Counts.  We are aiming to collect as many phones as we can to support healthcare workers and mothers across the globe.  We have been thrilled with the response and support.  Please check out the post here @ GOOD.is Thank you so much for...

Mobile Phones for Better Health

Hope Phones lets individuals, organizations, and companies give their old phones a new life on the frontlines of global health. If we can recycle just 1% of disposed phones each year, we can outfit 1 million health workers, improving the lives of 50 million people.

Hazardous Cellphone Waste

500,000 cell phones are discarded in the United States every day and pollute the environment with tons of plastic and dangerous toxins. Recycling with Hope Phones reduces hazardous waste in our communities responsibly, while providing a significant public health benefit abroad.

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We take care of the shipping, free of charge. We recycle phones properly, free of charge. We track the value of the recycled phones to provide a tax deduction for large donations.  Hope Phones is a campaign of Medic Mobile, a 501(c)(3) public charity.